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Solicitations, Bid Results, and Award Notices

Solicitations, Bid Results, and Award Notices are posted on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) web site. Direct FBO access to New England District acquisitions, to include bid results and award notices, can be found here.

Federal Acquisition

Changes to FAR 5.101 (a)(2) "Publicizing Contract Actions" occurred  15 August 2016, raising the threshold from $10,000 to $15,000.  Additional details may be found at the GSA Acquisition website.

Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAC 2005-89-1 / 08-15-2016
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System for Award Management (SAM)

Instructions to Vendors for Downloading Solicitations: All vendors must register in the System for Award Management (SAM). To complete the registration, go to the SAM website at .

Also available are the SAM User Guides for Registering and Updating or Renewing Registrations (downloads available below):

Additional information, such as a full User Guide, Quick Start Guides, Helpful Hints, and Webinars are available on the SAM website's HELP tab.

If assistance is needed with SAM registration, contact the Federal Service Desk at 1-888-606-8220. Further help on registration can be acquired by using a local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). This service is entirely free and is of great use.

Simplified Acquisitions ($15,000 to $25,000)

Response Date Description of Work NAICS Code / Threshold Set Aside Number (Click to View)
 09/04/2018 AED's Service Maintenance Agreement, Concord, MA 81219 Size Standard $20.5M  Small Business



 09/14/2018  Water Quality Service, MA

 Project Location - Massachusetts

 541380 Size Standard $15M Small Business  

Amendment (Date Change)


 09/11/2018  (NHL) Debris Removal, North Hartland, VT

562111 Size Standard $38.5M

Small Business  

Amendment (Date Change)

Safety Forms

 08/31/2018 (KVD) Knightville Dam Gatehouse Fuel Tank Replacement, Huntington, MA  237990 Size Standard $36.5M Small Business   W912WJ18Q0187
Statement of Work
Safety Forms

Supply and deliver heating fuel at Birch Hill Dam and Tully Lake, Royalston, MA

 324110 / 1,500 employees Total Small Business  W912WJ18Q0196

Supply and deliver heating fuel at Hopkinton Everett Lakes, Hopkinton and Weare, NH

324110 / 1,500 employees Total Small Business W912WJ18Q0195
 08/27/2018 Standby Generator Installation, North Springfield Lake, VT NAICS 238210 Size Standard $15M Small Business


Statement of Work

 08/27/2018 Aquatic Vegetation Survey, Hartland and Hartford, VT NAICS 541620 Size Standard $15M Small Business


Performance Work Statement

09/20/2018 - extended EML Boiler Replacement, Peterborough, NH NAICS 238220 Size Standard $15M Small Business

Amendment#3 (Date Extension)

Amendment (Date Extension)

Amendment (Date Change)


Statement of Work

 09/20/2018 Shoreline Erosion Control Survey, Multiple Locations in New Hampshire  NAICS 541620 Size Standard $15M Small Business

Amendment (Date Extension)

Amendment (Performance Work Statement Updated)

Information Photo 1

Information Photo 2

Amendment (Date Change)


Performance Work Statement

Safety Paperwork Attachments

 08/24/2018 FFD Boiler Replacement, Franklin, NH NAICS 238220 Size Standard $15M Small Business


Statement of Work


MHD Security System, Mansfield Hollow, CT 238210 Size Standard $15M Small Business Amendment 0001
Informational Photos

09/10/2018 LIDAR System, Concord, MA NAICS 333316 Size Standard 1,000 Employees Small Business

Amendment 2 (Date Change)Amendment 0001

8/24/2018     by 2 p.m.

Supply, deliver, assemble, load test and provide training on the use of a 2 ton gantry crane, 2 ton trolley, and 2 ton electric chain hoist at Hopkinton Dam, Hopkinton, NH


333923 / 1250 employees

Total Small Business   W912WJ18Q0166
8/13/2018   by 2 p.m.  Chemical Vegetation Control at Hopkinton Everett Lakes, Hopkinton, Dunbarton, Weare, NH  

561730 / $7.5M

Total Small Business  W912WJ18Q0164
8/13/2018   by 2 p.m.

Chemical Vegetation Control at Franklin Falls Dam, Franklin, NH

 561730 / $7.5 M Total Small Business  W912WJ18Q0163
7/23/2018 FY 18 Snooper Rental, Multiple Locations 532490 Size Standard/$32.5M Small Business


Performance Work Statement


BHD & TUL Portable Toilets, Tully Lake and Birch Hill Dam, Royalston, MA 


562991 / $7.5M 





 06/05/2018 LVL KVL Ground Maintenance Services,  Knightville Dam and Littleville Lake projects located in Huntington, Chester, Chesterfield MA.   561730,/ $7.5M  Small Business




 06/04/2018 Repairs and Replace Parts of R2SONIC 2024 MULTIBEAN 811219/ $20.5M  Small Business  W912WJ18Q0121
 05/21/2018 NHL UVD Debris Removal Services, Union Village Dam and North Hartland Lake, East Thetford and Hartland, VT  561730/$7.5M  Small Business


Standard Lift Plan


05/07/2018 Recreation Area Cleaning, Barre, MA 561720/$18M Small Business W912WJ18Q0110
 04/23/2018  BFD Grounds Maintenance Services 561730/$7.5M Small Business



Safety Paperwork

 04/23/2018 Supply, deliver and unload bar grating, Everett Dam, Weare, NH 332111/750 Employees Small Business W912WJ18Q0106
 04/02/2018  News Clipping Service 519190/$27.5M Small Business W912WJ18Q0069
04/02/2018 Grounds Maintenance Services, Hopkinton Lake and Everett Lake, Hopkinton & Weare, NH 561730 / $7.5M Small Business



Safety Paperwork

 04/02/2018 Grounds Maintenance Services, Franklin Falls Dam Recreation Areas, Franklin & Bristol, NH  561730 / $7.5M Small Business

Amendment - W912WJ18Q0094

Revised Maps



04/18/2018 Trash & Recycling Services, Birch Hill Dam and Tully Lake, Royalston, MA  562111 / $38.5 M Small Business



 03/26/2018 Campground Host #1, Ball Mountain Lake Campground, Winhall Brook Camping Area, S. Londonderry, VT  561990 $11M Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0090
 03/26/2018 Portable Toilets, Thomaston Dam and Northfield Brook Lake, Thomaston, CT  562991/ $7.5M Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0089
03/26/2018  Park Host:  West Thompson Lake, N. Grosvenordale, CT  561990 / $11 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0087
03/23/2018  Grounds Maintenance Services: Knightville Dam and Littleville Lake, located in Huntington, Chester, Chesterfield MA.  561730 / $ 7.5 M   Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0081
Sample Maps 
03/22/2018 Grounds Maintenance Services: Barre Falls Dam, Barre MA 561730 / $7.5 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0082
Sample Maps
03/22/2018  Grounds Maintenance Services: North Springfield Lake and Upper Connecticut River Basin Office located in Springfield and Perkinsville, VT 561730 / $7.5 M  Small Business W912WJ-18-Q-0080
Sample Maps
03/08/2018 Forest Resources Survey: Union Village Dam, Thetford, Vermont  115310 / $7.5 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0078
Performance Work Statement
4/23/2018 Janitorial Services: 702 Main Street, Hyannis, MA  561720 / $18 M  Small Business 


Amendment to extend response time


02/21/2018  Grounds Maintenance Services: Conant Brook Dam, Monson, MA  561730/ $7.5 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0073
02/16/2018  Janitorial Services: Barre Falls Dam, Barre, MA  561720 / $18 M  Small Business           


(Amendment is to cancel this solicitation, effective 4/17/18)


02/12/2018  Interpretative Plaque at NIKE PH-58 Missile Site: Swedesboro/Woolwich Township, NJ 541720 / $20.5 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0025
02/16/2018 Gate Attendant: Hancock Brook Lake, Plymouth, CT  561990 / $11 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0058
02/14/2018 Park Host #1: West Thompson Lake, N. Grosvenordale, CT  541990 / $15 M  Small Business W912WJ-18-Q-0059
02/14/2018 Park Host #2: West Thompson Lake, N. Grosvenordale, CT  541990 / $15 M  Small Business W912WJ-18-Q-0061
02/12/2018  Janitorial Services: North Springfield Lake/Upper CT River Basin Office, Springfield, VT  561720 / $18 M  Small Business W912WJ-18-Q-0062
01/29/2018  Trash Removal Services: Ball Mountain Lake and Townshend Lake Vermont  562111 / $38.5 M Small Business   W912WJ-18-Q-0036
12/15/2017  Dumpsters for Rubbish Disposal: Otter Brook Dam, Keene, NH and Surry Mountain Dam, Surry, NH.  562111 / $38.5 M  Small Business 



(Amendment makes changes to line 1 & 2)

12/11/2017 Grounds Maintenance & Boundary Line Marking: West Thompson Lake, North Grosvenordale, CT 561730 / $7.5 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0026
10/23/2017  Snow Removal Services: Barre Falls Dam  561730 / $7.5 M  Small Business  W912WJ-18-Q-0002
09/28/2017  Snow Removal: East Brimfield Lake, Sturbridge MA  561730 / $7.5M  Small Business  W912WJ- 17-Q-0177
Work Samples 
(Closing Date Amended)
09/21/2017  Installation & Programming of Projectors: USACE New England District HQ, Concord, MA  334310 / 750 Employees  EDWOSB  W912WJ-17-Q-0176
09/08/2017  Pothole and Drain Repairs: Cold Region Research Laboratory, Hanover NH  237310/ $18M Small Business  W912WJ-17-Q-0174
Work Samples
09/12/2017  Pollinator Garden Installation: Townshend Lake, Townshend, VT  561730/$ 7.5M Small Business  W912WJ-17-Q-0162
Work Sample Photos 
09/06/2017 Snow Removal, Shoveling, and Sanding Services: Westville Lake, Southbridge, MA 561730/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-17-Q-0168

- Updated: September 17, 2018

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