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Tradition of Service in New EnglandThe New England District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for managing USACE's Civil Works responsibilities in a 66,000-square-mile region encompassing the six New England states east of the Lake Champlain drainage basin.

The region has 6,100 miles of coastline, 13 deep draft commercial waterways, 13 major river basins, and thousands of rivers and streams. Within this area of operations, USACE has completed hundreds of Civil Works projects that benefit the New England community.

The missions of the New England District are many and varied. They include environmental remediation; flood risk management; natural resource management; streambank and shoreline protection; navigation improvements and maintenance; disaster and emergency assistance; regulatory administration; and engineering and construction management support to other agencies.

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If you have questions, please visiting our Contact page, where you phone or email our departments, and find Construction, Flood Risk Management/Recreation, and Regulatory/Permitting Field Offices. General questions can also be directed to the Public Affairs Office at 978-318-8238 or by email at: cenae-pa@usace.army.mil.