Real Estate Division

New England District Real Estate Program

The Real Estate Division role in the New England Districts Mission is planning, coordinating, performing, and advising on all aspects of real property acquisition, management, and disposal; And assisting in operations and maintenance for the Army’s Military and Civil Works programs, military branches, and other federal agencies.

The Real Estate Division provides a variety of Real Estate advice and assistance to all the District’s Project Delivery Teams and projects including:

Recruiting Facilities Program – About half of our real estate employees work full-time on this program.  Acquiring, maintaining, and disposing of over 130 recruiting stations and support offices throughout New England. This includes setting up and paying for leases and associated expenses (utilities, trash pickup, janitorial, alarm systems, etc.)   
Military Housing– We negotiate and maintain leases for bachelor and family housing for Army, and Navy.   These units are for recruiters helping them to live close to their assigned bases or recruiting stations. 

Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) – We provide support to the Army and Air Force with environmental cleanup of areas outside the boundaries of military reservations.  (examples: Impact Area Groundwater Supply Program; AF Center for Environmental Excellence)

Defense Environmental Restoration Program - Formerly Used Defense Sites- (DERP-FUDS)  We acquire the Rights of Entry from current owners of Formerly Used Defense Sites to gain permission to use their property to investigate and remediate the properties. USACE executes the FUDS program on behalf of the U.S. Army and DOD by investigating and, if required, cleaning up potential DoD contamination or munitions that may remain on FUDS properties. Using a risk-based approach higher risk sites are addressed first. 

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) – Assistance in reorganization of base structures to support forces and increase operational readiness more efficiently and effectively. We also provide relocation assistance to persons required to move temporarily or permanently due to a federal project or base reassignment. 

Civil Works Projects – We provide Real Estate support for 32 civil works projects, three hurricane barriers, one flood control project and one navigation project.  Much of the real estate work involves new outgrants or renewals.

Appraisal Services - Develop appraisals for acquisition, disposal, leasing, feasibility studies, and flood control projects. Ensures appraisals done by contract appraisers for the Army Corps’ cost shared projects meet all applicable federal guidelines.


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