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The Army Corps of Engineers fully supports the government policy of placing a fair proportion of the Corps contracts for supplies, design engineering, construction and support services with qualified Small, Small Disadvantaged, Women-Owned, HUBZone, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned and Veteran-Owned business. In addition, such concerns are to be afforded the maximum practicable opportunity to participate as subcontractors in qualifying contracts awarded to large business.

The involvement of small business in our military and civil works program is vital to our mission. Much of our success is due to the initiative, imagination, and productivity of thousands of small business concerns. Small business utilization is just good business.

The New England District Deputy for Small Business can be contacted by email or phone at 978-318-8427.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Requirements valued over $25,000.00 are posted at Federal Business OpportunitiesThis is the official FREE online listing of Government contracting opportunities. Information on each requirement includes:

  • Solicitation Number
  • Description of requirement
  • Due date for receipt of offers
  • Set-aside status
  • Contact person & telephone number
  • Subcontracting opportunities
  • Potential sources sought
  • Business news
  • Surplus property sales
  • Foreign Government standards
  • Contract Award Information 

All opportunities over $25,000.00 are posted under Advertised Solicitations at the New England District website. In order to receive a copy of the solicitation package, firms are required to register through the website. Firms can register as either a supplier, subcontractor, or as an intended prime contractor. The names of all firms who have requested a solicitation package can be accessed to allow firms to market to and network among each other. The listing is sortable by prime, subcontractor, supplier or plans room.

Requirements valued between $15,000.00 and $25,000.00 are posted to the New England District Contracting website under Simplified Acquisitions. Acquisitions valued at $2,500.00 or less do not require competition and are classified as micro-purchase requirements. These requirements are generally purchased using the Government IMPAC card, currently a VISA card.

The Corps of Engineers has a strong commitment to the Small Business Program, and uses set-aside and evaluation preference programs authorized by Federal procurement regulations. Set-aside programs protect smaller firms from having to compete with large firms, and evaluation preference programs allow the Federal government to award contracts to smaller firms even if their offered price is slightly higher than a large firm. The goal of the Small Business Program is to ensure that all types of small businesses receive their fair share of government contract dollars.

Types of Set-Asides

  • 8(A) Set-Aside - Only certified firms can compete. In order to be qualified, you must contact the small business administration (SBA) in your area for information, or go to their website. 8(a) firms are also eligible to receive sole source contracts through the 8(a) program.
  • HUBZone Set-Aside - Only certified firms can compete. In order to be qualified, you must contact the SBA in your area for information, or go to their website for information. 
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Set-Aside - Only offers from service-disabled veteran-owned small business firms will be accepted. Each solicitation package will specify the size standard that applies. Firms self-certify their size status at the time they submit their offer. No prequalification from the Corps, SBA, or any other agency is required. However, in order to protect our Veterans, their families and survivors who have Veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB), President Obama Signed the Veterans Small Business Verification Act contained in the Veterans Benefits Act of 2010 on October 13, 2010.  This law expands VA’s requirement to verify business status as owned and operated by Veterans, service-disabled Veterans or eligible surviving spouses.  To learn more about the verification process, go to CVE website.
  • Women-Owned Set-Aside - The Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program provides equal access to federal contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses (WOSB) and economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs). The program allows contracting officers to set aside specific federal contracts for WOSBs and EDWOSBs.  To learn more about the WOSB and EDWOSBs programs, go to the SBA website.
  • Small Business Set-Aside - Only offers from small business firms will be accepted. Each solicitation package will specify the size standard that applies. Firms self-certify their size status at the time they submit their offer. No prequalification from the Corps, SBA, or any other agency is required. Small Business firms are encouraged to contact SBA to see if they qualify to be certified as a HUBZone or 8(a) firm. Firms who receive HUBZone or 8(a) certification are eligible for business development assistance from SBA. 

Evaluation Preference

  • When authorized by Federal regulations, a10 percent price evaluation preference is utilized in full and open competition.

The Corps of Engineers uses the Federal Small Business Program certifications provided by the SBA. Certifications include 8(a) and HUBZone. Firms interested in certifications should contact their local SBA Office, or visit the SBA website. You can contact the Boston SBA District Office (617) 565-5562 / 5604.

Federal assistance in Massachusetts for small business firms is also available from the centers below.

  • The Massachusetts Small Business Development Center (MSBDC) Network provides free, confidential, one-to-one management and technical assistance counseling and low-cost educational training programs to prospective and existing small businesses throughout the Commonwealth. There is an MSBDC counseling or satellite office located within 30 minutes of any potential client in the state. The MSBDC provides specialized services in the areas of capital formation, minority business assistance, business and industry data, international trade and procurement technical assistance which further augment services.
  • The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) can guide you through the government procurement process and provide you with information on how to become more competitive in the government marketplace. 
    • Many forms of service are provided to PTAC clients. The most valuable of these services is one-on-one counseling, both during the proposal process and the subsequent contract period. When a client talks to a PTAC specialist, he/she is talking to a member of one of the strongest PTACs in the nation. The Massachusetts PTAC specialists have over 150 years of combined experience, both as government buyers and industry sellers. Procurement Technical Assistance Center counselors are dedicated to providing assistance in bidding, managing and performing on government contracts.
    •  Much of the counseling is performed at the client's firm location, making the technical support delivery available in a timely and cost effective manner. E-commerce, including registering, bidding and performing on-line, in a paperless environment is a vital part of federal contracting. The counseling staff supports vendors in those efforts. Technical data, such as military specifications, standards, pricing histories and technical information by part number is supplied.
    • Counselors are located in Springfield, Boston Area, North Shore, Central Massachusetts, Southeastern Massachusetts & the Islands, Greater Lowell Area, and the University of Massachusetts.

The Army Corps of Engineers is very interested in doing business with qualified small, small disadvantaged, Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, veteran-owned and woman-owned business concerns. Below are tips for selling/marketing to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

1. Visit the web site for the District(s) with which you desire to do business in order to learn about the districts’ missions and the types of services/supplies that each district procures. Call, write or visit the Deputy for Small Business regarding information your business could provide to the Corps of Engineers.

2. The New England District is no longer maintaining a vendor database, and is therefore no longer accepting SF 129 forms. Firms interested in doing business with the District should monitor the District's website and FEDBIZOPPS.

3. Review FEDBIZOPPS. The New England District does not maintain a vendor database or issue presolicitation notices or advance announcements of solicitations. Firms interested in doing business with the District should monitor the District’s website and FEDBIZOPPS, There you will find a record of upcoming procurements and sources- sought announcements. FEDBIZOPPS is used by all Federal agencies to announce business opportunities, and can be searched by various categories such as type of work and contracting organizations. FEDBIZOPPS also provides a link to SUBNet, for subcontracting leads.

4. Be alert to the announcements of Business Opportunity Conferences, Trade Fairs and other federally attended or sponsored liaison meetings in your area. Make it a point to attend whenever possible. The Corps of Engineers is represented at most such meetings. This is an excellent opportunity to meet on a person-to-person basis with procurement and small business specialists who can assist small and small disadvantaged businesses with the selling of their services or products. The New England District and the SBA web sites are good sources for upcoming events. The New England District is partnering with other federally funded organizations to conduct workshops on certifications, proposal submission, and identifying procurement opportunities, as well as to present information on upcoming projects.

5. Visit the Corps of Engineers web sites. The Headquarters site is located at You can navigate to the web sites of all Corps districts, labs, field operating activities and centers from the headquarters web site. The New England District web site, located at, contains information about upcoming New England District projects, solicitations, contract awards, plan holders/bidders mailing lists and other general information of interest to firms seeking business opportunities with the federal government.

6. DUN and Bradstreet (DUNS) numbers can be obtained by calling 1-800-234-3867 (8 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST). The website for DUN and Bradstreet is Both the call and service are free. The DUN and Bradstreet number is required to begin the Central Contractor Registration process.

7. The Department of Defense requires all contractors to register in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. Contractors must be registered in the CCR before they can be awarded a DoD contract. The only exceptions will be for purchases made with the Government-wide commercial purchase card (IMPAC/VISA), contracting offices located outside the U.S., classified contacts, and contracts executed to support contingency or emergency operations. The CCR's web site may be accessed at You may obtain registration assistance by calling 1-888-227-2423.


The Department of Defense (DoD) requires that its prime contractors make the maximum use possible of small, small disadvantaged (to include HBCU/MIs), women-owned small business, HUBZone, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned and Veteran-Owned firms in its subcontracting program. Large business awarded federal contracts, valued at more than $1.5 million for construction or $650,000.00 for other than construction, are required to submit subcontracting plans designed to maximize the participation of small and small disadvantaged business concerns and subcontractors. Personnel from the DoD and the Small Business Administration make periodic reviews at contractor's plants to verify compliance with this program.

When submitting subcontract plans in response to Corps of Engineers solicitations, large prime contractors are encouraged to review Army Federal Acquisition Regulation, Appendix DD, SUBCONTRACTING PLAN EVALUATION GUIDE. This guide provides a methodology for uniform and consistent evaluation of subcontracting plans within the Army, and is available at , click on AFARS. Additional instructions on how to complete the subcontracting reports can be obtained from the Deputy for Small Business. Subcontracting reports are submitted electronically through the electronic subcontracting reporting system at

OPPORTUNITIES: The New England District maintains a list of Prime Contractors that hold subcontracting plans with us. We strongly encourage you to make contact with them to identify their specific needs.

Additional small business opportunities are also available at SBA's SUB-Net site . Prime contractors use SUB-Net to post subcontracting opportunities. These may or may not be reserved for small business, and they may include either solicitations or other notices -- for example, notices of sources sought for teaming partners and subcontractors on future contracts. Small businesses can review this web site to identify opportunities in their areas of expertise. While the web site is designed primarily as a place for large businesses to post solicitations and notices, it is also used by Federal agencies, state and local Governments, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, and even foreign Governments for the same purpose.

Small Businesses are highly encouraged to register in the Dynamic Small Business Search. Dynamic Small Business Search is an Internet-based database of information on more than 195,000 small, small disadvantaged, 8(a), HUBZone, women-owned, service-disabled veteran, and veteran-owned businesses. It is free to federal and state government agencies as well as prime and other contractors seeking small business contractors, subcontractors and/or partnership opportunities.

The SBA has created a Subcontracting Program Assistance Fact Sheet that provides valuable information for all firms (both large and small), as well as for government personnel. Click here to review the Fact Sheet.

The Department of Defense, Office of Small Business Programs has created a Subcontracting Program Assistance Fact Sheet that provides valuable information for all firms (both large and small), as well as for government personnel. Click here to review the Fact Sheet.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a world-wide organization that provides engineering services and construction support for a wide variety of military and civil projects.

The Corps primary military mission is to provide the armed forces of the United States with modern facilities, both at home and abroad, to strengthen the nation's defensive capability and ensure combat readiness.

The Corps primary civil works mission is to develop and manage the country's water resources. Its projects reduce flood damage, improve harbors and navigation channels, protect steambanks and shorelines, generate hydroelectric power, and preserve and safeguard the environment.

In addition to water resources projects, the Corps serves as manager for major construction projects undertaken by other federal agencies and allied governments.

The military and civil missions complement each other, allowing Corps professionals to develop, in peacetime, the skills the nation would need in war or other emergencies.

Civilian employees account for 98 percent of the Corps worldwide staff; military officers make up the remainder. There are eight Corps divisions, with 40 districts, in the United States. The New England District is part of the North Atlantic Division which is headquartered in New York City.


The Corps of Engineers buys a variety of supplies, services, construction and engineering services. Depending upon its mission, a District may not award contracts for all of the types of requirements below. Therefore, it is recommended that firms peruse a District's website prior to contacting the District in order to see if there is a good "fit" between the firm and the District. Examples of some of the types of supplies and services procured by various Corps Districts are:

CONSTRUCTION: Barracks, dining facilities, maintenance shops, hangers, hospitals, airfields, roads, various flood control structures such as levees and dams, hazardous and toxic waste remediation, and dredging.

ENGINEERING SERVICES: Concept studies, master planning, engineering studies, all types of surveying and mapping, engineering design and construction and inspection services.

OTHER SERVICES: Trash collection, grass mowing, janitorial, oversee and maintain recreational parks, stenographic, real estate appraisal, environmental assessments and impact statements, water and soil sampling analysis, archaeological services, and grounds maintenance.

SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT: Generators, turbines, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, kitchen equipment, electronic gear, petroleum products, repair parts, lumber, cement, computers and peripheral equipment, and publications.

DISASTER RELIEF OPERATIONS: Generators, bottled water, ice, installation of plastic sheeting for temporary roof repairs, debris removal, landfill operations, office equipment and supplies, and computer equipment and supplies.

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