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Maine Shore and Bank Protection Projects

As New England's largest state, Maine has the region's longest shoreline and the largest number of miles in its rivers and streams.

Maine has approximately 2,500 miles of irregular shaped coves, bays, and beaches. Of this number, 60 miles are publicly-owned beach and 20 miles are owned by the federal Government. The remaining 2,410 miles are privately owned. The northern two-thirds of shoreline (from the Kennebec River northward) is generally rocky and less developed. The southern third of the state has the majority of recreational beaches and is more densely populated. Maine has 31,672 miles of rivers and streams.

The Corps has constructed 16 shore and bank protection projects in Maine to stem erosion of the shoreline and riverbanks. Total construction costs amount to $1.8 million.

Initial work on many of the projects dates back to the early 19th century. However, much of the navigational work in today's waterways has been constructed by the Corps within the past 50 years, costing an aggregate $29.7 million.

The following pages describe the Corps' navigation projects in Maine. Depths given for channels and anchorages are those at Mean Low Water.

Shore and Bank Protection Projects: