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Solicitations, Bid Results, and Award Notices

Solicitations, Bid Results, and Award Notices are posted on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) web site, https://www.fbo.gov. Direct FBO access to New England District acquisitions, to include bid results and award notices, can be found here.

System for Award Management (SAM)

Instructions to Vendors for Downloading Solicitations: All vendors must register in the System for Award Management (SAM). To complete the registration, go to the SAM website at www.sam.gov.

Also available are the SAM User Guides for Registering and Updating or Renewing Registrations (downloads available below):

Additional information, such as a full User Guide, Quick Start Guides, Helpful Hints, and Webinars are available on the SAM website's HELP tab.

If assistance is needed with SAM registration, contact the Federal Service Desk at 1-888-606-8220. Further help on registration can be acquired by using a local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). This service is entirely free and is of great use.

Simplified Acquisitions ($10,000 to $25,000)

Response Date Description of Work NAICS Code / Threshold Set Aside Number (Click to View)
9/4/2014 Fabricate and install gates, Thomaston Dam, Thomaston, Conn., and Naugatuck River Basin, Middlebury, Conn. 332312 / 500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-14-Q-0165
9/4/2014 Replace Windows, Blackwater Dam, Webster, N.H. 238350 / $15 Million Small Business W912WJ-14-Q-0154
9/3/2014 Gatehouse Cleaning, Black Rock Lake, Thomaston, Conn. 561720 / $18 Million Small Business W912WJ-14-Q-0167
8/21/2014 Geotechnical Software Suite, Concord, Mass. 511210 / $38.5 Million Unrestricted W912WJ-14-Q-0168
8/29/2014 Tree Removal, Springfield, Vt. 561730 / $7.5 Million Small Business W912WJ-14-Q-0163
8/29/2014 Deck Installation, Perkinsville, Vt. 238350 / $15 Million Small Business


Amendment 1

8/28/2014 Heating Fuel, Huntington, Mass. 324110 / 1,500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-14-Q-0160
8/28/2014 Road Gate Installation, Huntington, Mass. 238990 / $15 Million Small Business W912WJ-14-Q-0161
8/27/2014 Boiler Replacement, Contoocook and Weare, N.H. 238220 / $15 Million Small Business W912WJ-14-Q-0155



Amendment 1

8/26/2014 Road Gate Installation, Royalston, Mass. 238990 / $15 Million Small Business


- Updated: 26 August 2014