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Solicitations, Bid Results, and Award Notices

Solicitations, Bid Results, and Award Notices are posted on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) web site. Direct FBO access to New England District acquisitions, to include bid results and award notices, can be found here.

System for Award Management (SAM)

Instructions to Vendors for Downloading Solicitations: All vendors must register in the System for Award Management (SAM). To complete the registration, go to the SAM website at .

Also available are the SAM User Guides for Registering and Updating or Renewing Registrations (downloads available below):

Additional information, such as a full User Guide, Quick Start Guides, Helpful Hints, and Webinars are available on the SAM website's HELP tab.

If assistance is needed with SAM registration, contact the Federal Service Desk at 1-888-606-8220. Further help on registration can be acquired by using a local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). This service is entirely free and is of great use.

Simplified Acquisitions ($10,000 to $25,000)

Response Date Description of Work NAICS Code / Threshold Set Aside Number (Click to View)
05/02/2016 Installation of Electric Roadway Swing Gate Controller: West Hill Dam Uxbridge, MA 238290 / $15 M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0126
05/02/2016 Janitorial Services: Hodges Village Dam, Thames River Basin in Oxford, MA and Buffumville Lake in Charlton, MA
561720 / $18M
Small Business
04/22/2016 Trash Removal Services:  Hop Brook Lake, Middlebury, CT
562111 / $38.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0137
Chimney Wrapping Asbestos Abatement: North Springfield Lake, Springfield VT 562910 / $20.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0130

Performance of Work Statement

Photos of Work Site
Water Meter Installation: Cape Cod Canal, 40 Academy Drive, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532
238220 / $15M
Small Business
04/08/2016 Grounds Maintenance: Barre, MA 561730 / $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0127

Maintenance Maps
04/07/2016 Grounds Maintenance: Edward MacDowell Dam, Peterborough, NH
561730 / $7.5M
Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0123

04/08/2016 Provide Portable Toilet Services:  Littleville Lake and Knightville Lake (Huntington, MA)
562991 / $7.5M
Small Business
04/04/2016 Cleaning Services: Perkinsvile,VT 561720 / $18M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0124
03/28/2016 Transformer Replacement: Stamford Hurricane Barrier, Stamford,CT 237130 / $36.5M Small Business


SHB Transformer Replacement Photos


03/11/2016 Asbestos Removal, Exhaust Pipe Relocation, Insulation Blanket Installation: West Thompson Lake, North Grosvenordale, CT 238920 / $15 M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0099
03/03/2016 Janitorial Services: Armed Forces Career Center, Presque Isle, ME 561720 / $18 M  Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0098
03/03/2016 Grounds Maintenance Services: Westville Lake, Southbridge, MA 561730 / $7.5M Small Business
02/22/2016 Debris Removal: North Hartland/East Thetford, VT 562111 / $38.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0093
02/19/2016 Grounds Maintenance: Monson, MA 561730 / $7.5M Small Business


Work Site Sample Map

02/17/2016 Landscaping & Building Maintenance: East Brimfield Lake Dam and recreational areas located in Sturbridge, Brimfield and Holland, MA. 561730 / $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0086

Photo Samples
02/22/2016 Grounds Maintenance: Royalston, MA 561730 / $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0082
02/12/2016 Elevator Maintenance: Buzzards Bay, MA 541330 / $15M Unrestricted W912WJ-16-Q-0080

W912WJ-16-Q-0080-001 (Amended)
02/10/2016 Zinc Anodes: Cape Cod Canal, Buzzards Bay, MA 331410 / 1000 Employees Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0077
02/05/2016 Electrical Materials: Thomaston, CT 335311 / 750 Employees
Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0076


Stone Wall Repair: Surry, NH 238140 / $15M Small Business



(Amended 2/16/2016)

02/01/2016 Mowing Services: Mansfield, CT 561730 / $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0068

Mowing Area Map
01/29/2016 Park Host Services: Northbridge, MA 561990 / $11M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0066
01/29/2016 Log Boom Cable Replacement: Thomaston, CT 238990 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0064

Boom Cable Sample
01/25/2016  Janitorial Services: Bangor, ME 561720 / $18M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0059 

Floor Plan 
01/22/2016 Janitorial Services: Pittsfield, MA 561720 / $18M
Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0054
Trash Removal: Ball Mountain Lake, Jamaica, VT; Townshend Lake, Townshend, VT 562111 / $38.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0049
01/22/2016  Campground Host: West Thompson Lake, North Grosvenordale, CT 561990 / $11M  Small Business
12/17/2015 Janitorial Service: North Springfield Lake, Springfield, VT and Upper Connecticut River Basin Office, Perkinsville, VT 561720/ $18M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0044
12/18/2015  Janitorial Services: Cape Cod Canal Field Office, Buzzards Bay, MA 561720 / $18M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0021
12/18/2015 Electrical Materials & Supplies: Cape Cod Canal Field Office, Buzzards Bay, MA 335999 / 500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0033
12/15/2015 Door Replacement: New Bedford, MA 238290 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0038

Door Illustration
12/21/2015 Snow Removal Services: Barre Falls Dam, Barre, MA 561730 / $7.5M Small Business


12/18/2015 Limitorque Gate Hoist Operator Repair: Birch Hill Dam, Gatehouse Bldg., Royalston, MA 811310/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0032
12/14/2015 Zinc Anodes:Cape Cod Canal, Buzzards Bay, MA 331410 / 1000 Employees Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0030

W912WJ-16-Q-0030-001 (Amended)
12/14/2015 Electrical Supplies: Thomaston, CT 335311 / 750 Employees Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0029

W912WJ-16-Q-0029-001 (Amended)
12/14/2015 Janitorial Services: Jamaica/Townshend,VT 561720 /  $18M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0014

W912WJ-16-Q-0014-001 (Amended)


Hydraulic Control Valve Replacement: North Grosvenordale and Mansfield Center,CT 237990/ $36.5M Small Business


Hydraulic Actuators 

W912WJ-16-Q-0027-0001.pdf (Amended)

12/09/2015  Supply No. 2 Heating Oil & Kerosene: East Brimfield Lake, Westville Lake, Buffumville Lake and Hodges Village Dam, MA 324110 / 1500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0024
12/09/2015 Supply No. 2 Heating Oil: Stamford Hurricane Barrier, Stamford, CT 324110 / 1500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0023
Paint Removal: North Grosvenordale, CT 238320 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0012

Site Layout w/photos

W912WJ-16-Q-0012 (Amended)
11/19/2015 Snow Plowing and Salting Services: East Brimfield Lake, Fiskdale, MA; Westville Dam, Southbridge, MA 561730/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0008
11/17/2015 Snow Removal Services: Bristol, NH 561730/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0010
11/16/2015 Snow Removal Services: Franklin, NH 561730/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0009
11/12/2015 Janitorial Services: Portsmouth, NH 561720/ $18M Small Business W912WJ-16-Q-0004
9/29/2015 Electrical Supply: Blackwater Dam, Webster, NH 335999/ 500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0304
9/21/2015 Snow Plowing Services 561730/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0300
9/18/2015 Janitorial Services 561720/ $18M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0299
9/18/2015 Snow Removal Services 561730/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0296
9/14/2015 Interior Painting & Building Improvements 238390/ $15M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0298
9/11/2015 Supply Electric Materials: Blackwater Dam, Webster, NH 335999/ 500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0297
7/31/2015 Security Fence Improvements 238990/ $15M 8(a) sole source award W912WJ-15-C-0021
9/9/2015 Fuel Tank Replacement 238220/ $15M Small Business



9/3/2015 Outboard Motor 333618/ 1000 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0289
9/2/2015 LED Fixtures 335122/ 500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0287
9/2/2015 LED Fixtures & Bulbs 335122/500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0284
8/31/2015 Fall Protection Railing Install: Union Village, East Thetford, VT 238120/ $15M  Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0279
8/31/2015 Window Replacement: Surry Mountain Lake, Surry NH 238150/ $15M Small Business


W912WJ-15-Q-0162-0001 (Amended)

 8/28/2015 Window Replacement: Webster, NH 238350/ $15M Small Business


Information Photos

8/21/2015 Concrete Repairs: Weir, Colebrook River Lake, Colebrook, CT 238140 /$15M  Small Business W912J-15-Q-0271
8/18/2015 Heating Fuel: Thomaston Dam and Black Rock Lake Dam, Thomaston, CT 324110/ 1500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0267
8/14/2015 Repair Elevators: Cape Cod Canal 811310/ $7.5M Unrestricted W912WJ-15-Q-0264
8/17/2015 Boston Globe Delivery: Concord, MA 451212/ $7.5M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0262
8/18/2015 Snow Blower: East Thetford, VT 333112/ 500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0259
8/3/2015 Log Boom and Trash Rack Cleaning: Franklin, NH 562111/ $38.5M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0251
7/24/2015 Court Reporter Services 561410 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0246.pdf
7/29/2015 Roof Insulation: Franklin, Webster, Hopkinton, NH 238310/ $15M Small Business


BWD FFD MRB Roof Insulation Replacement Photos


Heating Oil: Franklin, NH 324110/ 1500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0242
7/21/2015 Fuel Oil and Diesel Fuel: Royalston, MA 324110/ 1500 Employees Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0239
7/23/2015 Debris Removal, Huntington, Massachusetts 562111/ $38M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0230
7/21/2015 Boiler Replacement: Thetford, Vermont

238220/ $15M

Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0027
7/16/2015 Log Boom and Trash Rack Cleaning: Franklin Falls Dam, Franklin, NH 562111/ $38.5M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0221
7/8/2015 Roof Replacement, Blackwater Dam, Webster, NH 238160 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0216
7/7/2015 Central AC/Heat Pump Installation: Otter Brook Lake and Surry Mountain Lake, Keene and Surry, NH 238220 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0215
7/2/2015 Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Removal: Surry Mountain Lake, Surry, NH 237120 / $38.5M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0210
7/1/2015 Gatehouse Paint Removal: West Thompson Lake, North Grosvenordale, CT 238320 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0208
7/1/2015 Central AC Replacement: Hopkinton Lake Project Office, Hopkinton, NH 238220 / $15M Small Business W912WJ-15-Q-0207

- Updated:  21 April 2016

Justification and Approvals

Description of Work
Number (Click to View)
4/15/2015 Justification and approval for other than full and open competition for feasibility study, proposed plan and decision document for Former Lydonville Air Force Station East Haven, VT and Saint Albans Former Air Force Station, Saint Albans, VT W912WJ-15-R-0019
8/06/2015 Justification and Approval Document for the Design to Renovate Building #15, U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (SSC), Natick, MA W912WJ-15-C-0011
2/19/2015 Site Investigation and Closeout, New Jersey Army National Guard W912WJ-15-C-0013

- Updated: 14 March 2016