Boston Harbor Navigation

Boston Harbor is New England’s largest port serving as the principal distribution point for the export and import of commerce for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.  Boston Harbor consists of entrance channels extending approximately three miles from Massachusetts Bay to President Roads, the main ship channel connecting the Roads to the inner harbor, anchorage areas in the Roads and lower inner harbor, and three principal deep-draft industrial tributaries in the Reserved Channel, Mystic River and Chelsea River.  The project, estimated to cost $306,200,000, authorizes the deepening of the Broad Sound North Entrance Channel to 51 feet; the President’s Roads, the outer Main Ship and the Lower Reserved Channels to 47 feet; the Main Ship Channel between the Reserved Channel and Massport Marine terminal to 45 feet; and the Chelsea River and a small portion of the Mystic River Channels to 40 feet.  All work is programmed and being executed except deepening the Mystic River Channel and Chelsea River channels to 40 feet which are subject to necessary removal of abandoned utilities and private deepening of adjacent berths. Approximately 12M cubic yards of sand, till, clay, gravel and weathered rock is currently being dredged by the Cashman/Dutra Joint Venture and is expected to be complete no later than October 2021. A drilling and blasting contract is currently being designed in-house by the New England District and is expected to be advertised in Spring 2020.

For more information, please contact the Project Manager, by e-mail or by calling 978-318-8113.

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