Royal River Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Study

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Thank you for attending our Public Meeting on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at 6 p.m. Check out the documents section for the recording if you were unable to attend. 

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Royal River Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Study Details

The study area is located in the town of Yarmouth, which is located in Cumberland County, in Southern Maine, approximately 12 miles north of the state’s largest city, Portland. The headwaters of the Royal River originates in Sabbathday Lake, New Gloucester and flows downstream for about 39 miles and empties into Casco Bay, Yarmouth, Maine.

The Royal River is a freshwater environment that transitions into an estuarine, tidally influenced aquatic environment in Yarmouth. The head of tide is located approximately at the East Main St. /Route 88 Bridge in Yarmouth. The project location extends from the East Elm Street Dam, past the Bridge Street Dam to the Route 295 bridge.

The purpose of the proposed study is to assess aquatic ecosystem restoration alternatives in the Royal River. This entails the assessment of the first two dams above the head of tide on the Royal River owned by the town of Yarmouth: the Bridge Street Dam and the East Elm Street Dam. Both dams have nonfunctioning/minimally functioning fishways. The project has the potential to restore access to about 71 miles of river habitat for federally listed fish species and non-listed anadromous fish species, providing the fish with upstream access to historic reproductive habitat for adults and nursery habitat for the development of eggs and juvenile life stages.

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Image of the study area below the East Elm Street Dam