Great Chebeague Island Navigation Improvement Project

The proposed project will make navigation access improvements to the Stone Wharf Landing at Great Chebeague Island in Chebeague Island, Maine. A feasibility study developed and analyzed several alternatives for navigation channel improvements and the benefits that each alternative provides. The Recommended Plan, as shown in Figure 1, would establish a 10-foot mean lower low water (MLLW) by 100-foot-wide federal channel extending about 1,200 feet from deep water west of Great Chebeague Island to the Stone Wharf, widened alongside the wharf to 150 feet for maneuvering of ferry boats, with an 8-foot MLLW turning basin, 100-foot-wide by about 230-foot-long inshore of the channel to access the barge ramp. Approximately 34,000 cubic yards (CY) of mixed gravel, sand, and silt will be removed from the proposed project area using a mechanical dredge.

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