Rhode Island Sound Disposal Site

Rhode Island Sound Disposal siteThe Rhode Island Sound Disposal Site (RISDS) is located south of Narragansett Bay approximately 16.7 kilometers (9.03 nautical miles) south of Point Judith, Rhode Island, within the separation zone for the Narragansett Bay shipping lanes. The site is defined as an 1800 × 1800 meter (5900 × 5900 feet) area on the seafloor centered at 41°13.850' N, 71°22.817' W (NAD 83). The bottom topography at RISDS consists of a broad topographic depression with water depths ranging from 34 to 39 meters (111 to 127 feet).

Additional information about the monitoring and management of RISDS, including the current Site Management and Monitoring Plan (SMMP), can be found on the EPA Region 1 Ocean Dumping web page.

Relevant DAMOS Reports