New London Disposal Site

New London Disposal siteThe New London Disposal Site (NLDS) is a historic open water dredged material disposal site located 3.1 nmi (5.4 km) south of Eastern Point in Groton, Conn. Centered at 41°16.306' N, 72°04.571' W (NAD 83), the 1 nmi2 (3.4 km2) NLDS has water depths which range from 46 ft (14 m) over the NL-RELIC Mound to 79 ft (24 m) at the southern disposal site boundary. Between 1981 and 2016 approximately 2,811,000 yd3 of dredged material was placed at the site. This site was utilized for the unconfined disposal of suitable sediments, as well as subaqueous capping of sediments deemed unsuitable for open water disposal. In later years, dredged material was placed in depressions between historic disposal mounds to minimize lateral spread. Two important management boundaries bisect the NLDS: a 300 m submarine transit corridor and the New York-Connecticut state boundary. The submarine corridor was established to minimize conflict between disposal buoy positions and submarine traffic to and from the U.S. Navy Base in Groton, CT. The state boundary affects state regulatory authority under the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) and the issuance of state water quality certification for disposal permits.

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