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West Warren Local Protection Project

West Warren Local Protection ProjectThe West Warren Local Protection Project is located along the Quaboag River near the center of Warren. The project affords flood protection to the industrial complex along the left bank of the Quaboag River and industrial and railroad property along the right bank. Construction began in July 1962 and was completed in November 1963 at a cost of $430,000. The town of Warren is responsible for operation and maintenance.

The project covers a 1,750-foot reach of the Quaboag River. It consists of 326 feet of concrete floodwall; 122 feet of concrete floodwall with gated openings; two concrete buttress walls totalling about 420 feet that run along the inner sides of the aforementioned concrete walls; a 45-foot-long earthfill dike located at the upstream end of the project; an earthfill dike with stone slope protection located along the south bank of the river adjacent to the South Street Bridge abutment; and drainage facilities. The project also involved deepening and widening 1,250 feet of the Quaboag River; placing stone slope protection along 2,245 feet of the riverbanks and 450 feet of the channel bottom; and replacing the South Street Bridge's north pier footings with concrete footings.