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Massachusetts Flood Risk Management Projects

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has constructed dams and reservoirs, a hurricane protection barrier, and local protection projects to significantly reduce flooding damages in Massachusetts.

The 11 Corps-built and operated dams in Massachusetts cost a total of $44.4 million to construct. They also offer the public a variety of recreational opportunities and enhance the state's environment.

The hurricane protection barrier in New Bedford dissipates hurricane tides and protects the shoreline from coastal storm flooding. It cost $18.6 million to build.

The Corps has also completed 28 other flood risk management projects in Masschusetts at a cost of $135.4 million. These local protection projects provide flood protection to specific communities rather than wide areas of a state. Local protection projects in Massachusetts are operated and maintained by the respective municipalities except for the Charles River Dam, which is operated and maintained by the state.

The following items are arranged by the various types of flood risk management projects constructed by the Corps in Massachusetts and a brief history and description of each project.

Dams and Reservoirs

Local Protection Projects 

Hurricane Protection Barriers