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Ware Local Protection Project

Ware Local Protection ProjectThe Ware Local Protection Project extends along the Ware River and Muddy Brook in Ware. In conjunction with Barre Falls Dam, the project provides flood protection to residential, commercial, industrial, and public property along the Ware River and Muddy Brook. Construction began in August 1958, and the project was completed in March 1960 at a cost of $400,000. It is operated and maintained by Ware.

The project involved straightening, deepening, and widening 11,800 feet of the Ware River and 450 feet of Muddy Brook at its confluence with the Ware River; construction of a 950-foot-long earthfill dike at the Ware water pumping plant on Muddy Brook; construction of a 175-foot-long earthfill dike adjacent to St. Williams Cemetery; and removal the Malbeouf Road Bridge.