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Town Brook Local Protection Project

Town Brook Local Protection ProjectThe Water Resources Development Act of 1986 authorized a federal flood protection project consisting of Town River channel modifications near the Southern Artery in Quincy, a 12 foot-diameter deep rock relief tunnel over 4,000 feet long under Quincy center, and reconstruction of the Old Quincy Dam in Braintree. This federal project is part of an overall flood control system for the Town Brook watershed in cooperation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The total flood control project is estimated at $53 million, of which the MDC, as the sponsor, is responsible for 25%.

The flood protection works are being built in three phases. The first phase was constructed by P. Caliacco Corp. of Rockland, and included channel work and new culverts at the downstream end of Town Brook under the Southern Artery. Work on this $3.3 million phase is complete.

Town Brook TunnelThe second phase, which is the largest and involves construction of the tunnel under the business district in Quincy, was built by Kajima/Marra-Majestic joint venture) of Pasadena, California, at a cost of $24 million. Construction began in November 1993 and is complete.

Town BrookBoth phases were transferred to the MDC in January 2002. The project has prevented about $25 million dollars in damages from the March 1999 and March 2001 storm events.

The last phase is the reconstruction of the Old Quincy Dam in Braintree. An $8.7 million contract forth is work was awarded in September 1998 to D&C Contracting Co., Inc., of Rockland. Work on this phase of the federal project is complete. The last phase (Quincy Dam Reconstruction) was turned over to the local sponsor, Department of Conservation and Recreation (formerly MDC), on June 28, 2004 for future operation and maintenance.