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Saxonville Local Protection Project

Saxonville Local Protection ProjectThe Saxonville Local Protection Project is located along the Sudbury River in the Saxonville section of Framingham. The project protects about 23 acres of industrial, commercial, and residential properties along the left bank of the Sudbury River. Construction began in March 1977 and was completed in September 1979 at a cost of $4.75 million.

The project extends from Saxonville Pond Dam at Central Street to the Danforth Street Bridge, a distance of about 3,800 feet. It consists of 2,500 feet of earthfill dikes with stone slope protection, 1,340 feet of concrete floodwalls, a vehicular floodgate at Concord Street, and a pumping station. Construction included straightening a 1,000-foot section of the Sudbury River upstream of the Danforth Street Bridge. The project is operated and maintained by Framingham.