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Housatonic River Local Protection Project

HousatonicThe Housatonic River Local Protection Project is located on the north bank of the Housatonic River’s southwest branch in Pittsfield. The project site is at Clapp Park where the Conrail Railroad crosses the river. The project reduces flood damages to approximately 60 industrial and commercial structures adjacent to the southwest branch of the Housatonic River.

Construction of the project started in November 1982 and was completed in November 1983, costing $739,000. It is a small project, built under Section 205 of the Continuing Authorities Program. The project consists of three concrete culverts, each with a diameter of eight feet, that supplement the existing stone arch culvert under the Conrail Railroad embankment. The project also included deepening and widening approximately 3,500 feet of the Housatonic River. It is maintained by the city of Pittsfield.