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Haverhill Local Protection Project

Haverhill Local Protection ProjectThe Haverhill Local Protection Project is located along the Merrimack River in Haverhill. It provides flood protection to commercial, residential, and public property in Haverhill.

Construction began in January 1937 and was completed in March 1938, costing $1.9 million. Drainage works and power lines were relocated to accommodate the project. It is operated and maintained by Haverhill.

The project consists of a gated concrete floodwall, a rectangular concrete conduit on the Little River, and a pumping station.

The 30 foot high concrete floodwall starts on the left bank of the Merrimack River at the Main Street Bridge and extends upstream for about 2,250 feet. The Little River conduit, which prevents Merrimack River floodwaters from backing up the Little River and inundating industrial property behind the floodwall, extends 2,000 feet from the Merrimack River to the railroad bridge. It is 16 feet wide and 16 feet high.