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Gardner Local Protection Project

Gardner Local Protection ProjectThe Gardner Local Protection Project is located on Mahoney Brook and Greenwood Brook, both near Wrights Reservoir, in an industrial section of Gardner. The improvement affords flood protection to industrial and commercial firms on Greenwood Brook downstream of Wrights Reservoir, and Mahoney Brook downstream of Wayside Pond.

Work on the project began in August in 1964 and was completed in October 1965 at a cost of $511,000. The town of Gardner operates and maintains the project.

The project consists of several different structures situated at various points. There is a 935 foot-long earthfill dam with a 60 foot-long gated concrete spillway cut in rock, a 160 foot-long earthfill dike, and outlet works all at the north end of Wrights Reservoir. A 970 foot-long earthfill dike is situated along the western shore of Wrights Reservoir. A 360 foot-long earthfill dike and 45 foot-long concrete spillway are located on the west side of Mahoney Pond. A fourth dike, 270 feet long, is located along Mahoney Brook downstream from the Mahoney Pond spillway. A 320 foot-long earthfill dike and three pipe culverts are located at Wayside Pond.

The project also involved deepening, widening, and realigning about 700 feet of Mahoney Brook channel downstream of Mahoney Pond; placing stone slope protection along the banks; and removing several obstructions in Mahoney Brook channel.