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Blackstone River Local Protection Project

Blackstone River Local Protection ProjectThe Blackstone River Local Protection Project is located along the right bank of the Blackstone River in Blackstone. It provides flood protection to the town hall, a courthouse, residential property, and a ball field.

The project, constructed as an emergency flood control work, was built between August - December 1970 at a cost of $246,000. Town drainage facilities and a public works garage were removed. The project is operated and maintained by the town of Blackstone.

The Blackstone River Local Protection Project consists of an earthfill dike with stone slope protection 863 feet long with a maximum height of seven feet. The dike ties into a previously constructed floodwall 180 feet downstream of the St. Paul Street Bridge and blends into a railroad embankment. Two 15-inch diameter concrete culverts extend through the dike to drain interior surface water.