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Adams Local Protection Project

Adams Local Protection ProjectThe Adams Local Protection Project is located along both banks of the Hoosic River in Adams, about 138 miles west of Boston and 45 miles northwest of Springfield. The project protects industrial, commercial, residential, and public property in Adams.

Construction of the project, built by the Corps’ New York District, began in June 1950 and was completed in May 1960 at a cost of $7.9 million. Project construction required the relocation of some utilities. It is operated and maintained by the town of Adams.

The project extends along the Hoosic River from Lime Street to a point above Commercial Street, a distance of about 2.2 miles and along Tophet Brook for a distance of 1,300 feet. It consists of 1,700 feet of earth levee on the left side, 2,940 feet on the right side, and 1,350 feet in the closing to high ground along Lime Street; 4,440 feet of concrete floodwall, with several hundred feet having stone slope protection; 6,300 feet of paved concrete channel; a concrete weir near the Plunkett Dam; two drop structures; three pumping stations; and bridge reconstruction. The project also involved excavating this 2.2-mile reach of the Hoosic River channel.