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Regulatory/Permitting Public Notices

Archive: October, 2014
  • NAE-2011-01324, NAE-2011-01344, NAE-2012-02066, NAE-2013-00201, NAE-2013-00754

    The District Engineer has received five permit applications to conduct work in waters of the United States fromTheodore Lambrecht, Andy Roberts, Charles Connors, Matthew Herr, and Gordon Fraser of Nantucket,Massachusetts. The work is proposed at the Town of Nantucket’s Aquaculture zone located at

  • NAE-2011-02017

    Massachusetts Electric Co d/b/a National Grid-Gloucester Gas Light Co Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation Project; waterway & loc: Gloucester Harbor at Harbor Loop, Gloucester, Mass.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 10/21/2014Ends: 11/19/2014

  • NAE-2014-02076

    Town of Phillips-replace an existing deteriorated culvert beneath Reeds Mill Rd; waterway & loc: Warm Brook, Phillips, Maine.Public Comment Period (15 Days)Begins: 10/21/2014Ends: 11/5/2014

  • NAE-2013-00714

    Update Proposed Department of the Army New England General Permits Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and VermontThis is an update on the proposal to replace the existing, individual general permits in the six New England states with New England General Permits (NE GPs)

  • NAE-2014-01028

    Save Our Shores Association Trust; waterway & loc: Cape Cod Bay, Plymouth, Mass.