Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs)

Sediment and Water Chemistry EDD

As specified in the Regional Implementation Manual (RIM), all sediment data submittals must include an EDD. The sediment chemistry EDD provided here should be used to report the results of sediment physical and chemical analysis including QA/QC samples. As of August 2016 a new EDD template is available which also incorporates water and elutriate chemistry data. Water and elutriate chemistry data must be submitted to the Corps electronically but there is currently no required format for private permit applicants. The new EDD is the preferred reporting method for all electronic chemistry data sets and is the standard for data generated by Federal Navigation Projects.

The first sheet of the EDD workbook provides instructions for completing the EDD. An example EDD is also provided on this page for your convenience.

Bioaccumulation EDD

The bioaccumulation results spreadsheet is a required submittal for all projects that have bioaccumulation test results. This spreadsheet is used by the EPA risk assessment program to assess long term risk of sediment disposal.

EDD Checker

The new Sediment and Water Chemistry EDD includes a built in checker tool on the last page of the EDD workbook to help you ensure that you have completed your EDD correctly. The tool will generate a report detailing whether the required fields contain any errors (e.g. a required field was left blank or the entry was formatted incorrectly). Permit applicants are required to correct any errors and repeat the process until they receive a report indicating that there are no errors. Please note that there is no EDD Checker tool for the Bioaccumulation EDD.

Submitting an EDD

After obtaining an EDD Checker report indicating that there are no errors, send the following information to your Corps Permits Project Manager:

 - EDD including the final checker report

 - Hard copy data submission (or readable/ printable electronic format)

 - RIM Quality Control Summary Tables (hard copy or electronic format)

EDD Downloads


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