Western Long Island Sound Disposal Site

Western Long Island Sound Disposal siteThe Western Long Island Sound Disposal Site (WLDS, also historically referred to as WLIS) is located approximately 5 kilometers (2.7 nautical miles) south of Long Neck Point, Noroton, Connecticut and covers an area approximately 5.3 square kilometers (2 square nautical miles) in size, centered at 40° 59.50’ N, 73° 28.95’ W (NAD 83). Water depths at WLDS slope from their shallowest point along the northern portion of the site to their deepest in the central portion of the site, ranging from 23 to 35 meters (75 to 115 feet), respectively. Additional information about the monitoring and management of WLDS, including the current Site Management and Monitoring Plan (SMMP), can be found on the EPA Region 1 Ocean Dumping web page.


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