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Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Bay Disposal siteThe Cape Cod Bay Disposal Site (CCBDS) is centered at coordinates 41° 54.406' N, 70° 13.268' W (NAD 83) and is located 8.0 nmi (14.9 km) southwest of Long Point, Provincetown, Massachusetts. The site has a relatively flat, featureless seafloor with an average water depth of 102 ft (31 m). The bottom gently slopes from a depth of 30.8 m in the southeast corner of the site to a depth of 31.4 m in the northwest. This site encompasses a 1 nmi2 (3.42 km2) area of seafloor within the east-central region of Cape Cod Bay. CCBDS receives sediments dredged primarily from Wellfleet, Barnstable, Plymouth, and Duxbury Harbors. Approximately 817,780 yd3 of material have been disposed at the site to date.

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