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Shelburne Shore and Bank Protection Project

ShelburneThe project in Shelburne is located along the Androscoggin River at the Easterly Bridge, which provides access to the town’s Hark Hill section. Shelburne lies on the New Hampshire - Maine border, about 95 miles north of Portsmouth.

The accumulation of silt and gravel along the right bank of the river at the Easterly Bridge narrowed the river’s width from approximately 400 feet to 250 feet. The restricted channel diverted the flow of the river to the left bank, resulting in considerable erosion of the bank and the undermining of a bridge pier, which threatened the bridge’s stability.

The project involved placing 200 feet of stone slope protection along the left riverbank to stabilize the bank and protect the endangered pier. The stone slope protection was constructed upstream and downstream of the Easterly Bridge and around the pier. Work took place between May - August 1977 at a cost of $37,700. The project was built under Section 14 of the Continuing Authorities Program.