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Hampton Beach Shore and Bank Protection Project

Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach in Hampton is one of the most popular public beaches in New England. It is approximately 12 miles south of Portsmouth and 1.5 miles north of the New Hampshire-Massachusetts state line.

The Corps first completed work at Hampton Beach in 1955 when 6,450 feet of beach were restored and widened by the direct placement of sand. The work begins at Haverhill Street and heads north along the shoreline. The first 5,200 feet were widened to a general width of 150 feet, and the last 1,250 feet of beach were widened to 175 feet. The cost of this work was $374,300.

In 1965, the Corps completed additional work at Hampton Beach. The northern 2,200 feet of beach were replenished, and a 190-foot-long stone groin was constructed. The beach nourishment starts in the vicinity of Church Street, continues northward, and consists of sand obtained from the dredging of the channel at Hampton Harbor. This additional work cost $272,200.

The beach was seriously damaged by a storm in February 1972, when much of the New Hampshire coastline was declared a National Disaster Area. The Corps completed a restoration of the beach in September 1973 at a cost of $415,000.