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Winthrop Beach Shore and Bank Protection Project

Winthrop Beach Shore and Bank ProtectionWinthrop Beach is located in Winthrop and lies between Winthrop Highlands to the north and Winthrop Head to the south. It is popular with area residents.

The project, completed in 1959 at a cost of $530,000, involved:

  • Raising two sections of the existing state-built seawall by two to three feet. The raised sections include the 300foot-long stretch of seawall between Wave Way and Pearl Avenue, and the 1,500 feet of seawall between Irwin Street and Beacon Street.
  • Extending a 400-foot-long section of seawall between Trident Avenue and Wave Way.
  • Constructing five stone groins along the northern and southern sections of the beach. The groins range in length from 250-500 feet and have an aggregate length of 1,570 feet.
  • Placing 245,000 cubic yards of sand between the groins to replenish the beach.