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Housatonic River Shore and Bank Protection Project

The Housatonic River project in Sheffield lies adjacent to U.S. Route 7, several hundred feet south of Kellogg Road. It is about seven miles east of the Massachusetts-New York state line and about 6.5 miles north of the Massachusetts Connecticut state line.

A bend in the Housatonic River was directing river flows toward the west riverbank, adjacent to a section of U.S. Route 7. The river flows were progressively eroding the bank and undercutting trees along the reach, seriously threatening the stability of the roadway. To alleviate the problem, the Corps built 1,200 feet of stone slope protection along the bank to prevent further erosion.

Construction of this project occurred between April - August 1981 and cost $203,000. It was built under Section 14 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program.