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Covered Bridge (Sheffield) Shore and Bank Protection Project

Covered BridgeThis project is located at an historic covered bridge in Sheffield, one of two covered bridges located midway along the Housatonic River. The bridge is the oldest covered bridge in Massachusetts and is listed on the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places.

Erosion of the riverbanks had caused the west abutment of the bridge to crack, threatening the bridge’s stability. To prevent further erosion and protect the historic site, the Corps constructed a total of about 820 feet of stone slope protection on both riverbanks immediately upstream and downstream of the bridge. Stone slope protection upstream of the bridge totals 440 feet - 260 feet on the right bank and 180 feet on the left bank. Stone slope protection downstream of the bridge totals 380 feet - 170 feet on the right bank and 210 feet on the left bank. To form a protective bed and further stem erosion, the Corps placed a total of 320 feet of stone protection on the bottom of the river - 135 feet upstream and 185 feet downstream.

The Covered Bridge project was built between October 1986 and August 1987 at a cost of $400,000. It was constructed under Section 14 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program.