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Clark Point Beach Shore and Bank Protection Project

Clark Point Beach

Clark Point Beach in New Bedford is located midway along the west side of Clark Point. It fronts Hazelwood Park and is popular with New Bedford residents during the summer.

The project involved:

  • Widening about 1,600 feet of beach along Rodney French Boulevard West to a minimum width of 100 feet by the direct placement of sand;
  • Raising the inshore end of an existing groin at Dudley Street, near the northern end of Clark Point; and
  • Extending two existing groins located near Valentine Street. The groin opposite Valentine Street was extended by 160 feet, and the groin between Valentine and Lucas Streets was extended by 85 feet.
  • Clark Point Beach was built under Section 103 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program. It was completed in May 1980 at a cost of $456,000.