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Alford Shore and Bank Protection Project


This project is located along the Green River in Hillsdale, New York, which borders the Massachusetts community of Alford, 43 miles west of Springfield. Although officially in New York State, the project provides protection to Alford and was built by the Corps’ New England District.

Significant flooding in June, October, and December of 1973 seriously eroded the shoulders and pavement of Route 71. River gravel from these floods settled in an adjacent cornfield, and topsoil from the field was deposited in downstream wells, polluting the Great Barrington water supply. The Corps constructed 280 feet of earthfill dike with stone slope protection on the river’s left bank to reduce flood and erosion damage to Route 71.

Construction of the Alford project began in October 1975 and was completed in June 1976 at a cost of $41,000. It is a small project, built under Section 14 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program.