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Sand Cove Shore and Bank Protection Project

Sand Cove

Sand Cove in Gouldsboro is located SS miles southeast of Bangor and 12 miles east of Bar Harbor. The project site is located on the eastern shore of a narrow strip of land known as the Corea Causeway, which separates Sand Cove and Corea Harbor.

High tides and wave overtopping during coastal storms had caused erosion along the Sand Cove side of the Corea Causeway. This erosion threatened about 500 feet of public roadway, which is the only road leading to a lobster company and about 30 homes in the Youngs Point section of Gouldsboro. The road had been washed out from storms in 1969, 1976, and 1978. Following the 1978 washout, the town built a low stone wall; however, it collapsed in the early 1980s, leaving a six-foot-high eroded bank only eight feet from the paved roadway. In addition, coastal storms occasionally washed over the causeway and deposited stones from the eroded bank onto the roadway, requiring closure of the road until the rubble was removed. The 1978 storm closed the road for 14 days.

To combat the problem, the Corps built stone slope protection along a 500-foot-long stretch of the Corea Causeway’s eroded bank. The project was constructed between June - August 1984 at a cost of $127,500. It was built under Section 14 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program.