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Prestile Stream Shore and Bank Protection Project

The project on Prestile Stream in Blaine is about 15 miles south of Presque Isle, 25 miles north of Houlton, and three miles west of the Maine-New Brunswick boundary. The project site is located at the Robinson Road Bridge, situated 100 feet downstream of a timber dam in Robinson, a section of Blaine.

In April 1976, the high flows of Prestile Stream washed out a 25-foot-wide section of the timber dam. The resulting surge caused erosion of the right bridge abutment, and a 40-footlong section of Robinson Road that is located adjacent to the left bridge abutment. About 285 feet of stone slope protection was placed on both riverbanks (137 feet on the east bank, 148 feet on the west bank) to stabilize the road and bridge.

The work on Prestile Stream was accomplished between August-December 1979 and cost $73,700. It was constructed under Section 14 of the Continuing Authorities Program.