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Woodmont Beach Shore and Bank Protection Project

Woodmont Beach is located on the northern shore of Long Island Sound in the borough of Woodmont, city of Milford, about five miles southwest of New Haven and 82 miles northeast of New York City.

Two separate projects have been undertaken to protect the Woodmont shoreline. The first, completed in 1959, included widening of 500 feet of publicly-owned shorefront to a width of 100 feet by the direct placement of sand in the first pocket beach west of Merwin Point.

The second project, completed in January 1994, involved the direct placement of sandfill along 1,500 feet of beach between Clinton and Bonsilene streets to form a 50-foot-wide bean. The Usher Road/Dunbar Street and Bonsilene Street groins were reconstructed, and mitigation was provided to replace rocky habitat for Blue Mussels lost as a result of sand placement.