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Silver Beach to Cedar Beach Shore and Bank Protection Project

This project helps to stem beach erosion at a series of contiguous beaches in Milford, extending from Meadows End (opposite Charles Island) to the vicinity of the mouth of the Housatonic River. The beaches include Silver Beach and Meadows End (both part of Silver Sands State Park) as well as Myrtle, Walnut, Laurel, and Cedar beaches.

The project originally called for widening 15,600 feet of shore surrounding these beaches to 100 feet by the direct placement of sand (Meadows End would be widened to 150 feet). Eleven groins would be constructed to help retain sand if found to be needed.

In June 1955, Cedar Beach and the western end of Laurel Beach were widened to 100 feet. Sand for this part of the project was obtained from the Housatonic River at no cost to the federal government because of Corps’ dredging activities underway at that time. In 1960, parts of Silver and Myrtle beaches (about 4,500 feet) were widened to 100 feet, and Meadows End was widened to 250 feet. The cost of this work was $335,000.

The widening of Walnut Beach and the rest of Silver, Myrtle, and Laurel beaches, as well as the construction of the groins, have yet to be completed pending notification to the Corps from state officials.