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Sea Bluff Beach Shore and Bank Protection Project

Sea Bluff Beach, bounded by Cove River and Pleasant Beach, lies along the westerly side of New Haven Harbor in the city of West Haven.

This erosion control project was completed in January 1991 at a cost of $323,000 and involved the following work:

  • Approximately 1,000 feet of beach was widened by direct placement of about 14,300 cubic yards of sand to produce approximately 122 feet of usable beach above mean high water.
  • Reconstruction of the Ivy Street Groin using approximately 480 tons of core stone and approximately 500 tons of armor stone, widening and raising the groin about one foot in elevation and adding approximately 40 feet in length.
  • Planting of about 10,500 square feet of beach grass.
  • Setting up 470 linear feet of sand trap fence and, along the parking area, installing approximately 425 linear feet of timber curbing.

With proper operation and maintenance, this project is expected to provide erosion protection for Ocean Avenue for many years to come, while allowing the community to enjoy this renewed resource.