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Wickford Harbor Navigation Project

Wickford Harbor

Wickford Harbor is located in the Wickford section of North Kingstown in western Narragansett Bay, about two miles southwest of Quonset Point and 17 miles south of Providence. Wickford Harbor consists of an outer harbor and three small coves -- Wickford Cove, Fishing Cove, and Mill Cove. The harbor is used extensively by oyster and lobster boats and recreational craft.

The project consists of:

  • Two stone breakwaters at the entrance to Wickford Harbor. The north breakwater, located off Sauga Point, is about 1,130 feet long, and the south breakwater, located off Poplar Point, is about 825 feet long.
  • A 0.8-mile-long channel through Wickford Cove, ending at the Hamilton Avenue Bridge. The channel has a depth of nine feet and a width of 60 feet, wider at the bends.
  • A 2,600-foot-long channel, 12 feet deep and 100 feet wide, extending from the outer harbor through Fishing Cove and into Mill Cove.
  • A six-foot-deep anchorage, 250-300 feet wide and 10 acres in area, adjacent to the head of the channel in Mill Cove and east of Rabbit Island.
  • The 0.8-mile-long channel through Wickford Cove was completed in 1900. The remainder of the work was completed in 1963 under Section 107 of the Continuing Authorities Program.