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Apponaug Cove Navigation Project

Apponaug Cove

Apponaug Cove in Warwick lies at the head of Greenwich Bay, about 10 miles south of Providence. Used by local and transient fishing and recreational craft, Apponaug Cove consists of three connecting basins - Outer Basin, Middle Basin, and Inner Basin.

The project, completed in 1963, included construction of a six-foot-deep channel, 100 feet wide, extending 0.8 mile from Greenwich Bay through Outer Basin and most of Middle Basin. The channel ends at a point about 200 feet east of the railroad bridge that separates Middle and Inner Basins. Also constructed was a six-foot-deep anchorage in Middle Basin, southwest of the channel. The anchorage is 10 acres in area and 400 feet wide at its widest point.