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Weymouth Back River Navigation Project

Weymouth Back River in Weymouth and Hingham is located between Hingham Harbor on the east and Weymouth Fore River on the west, about 10 miles south of Boston. A local yacht club and several marinas are the river’s primary users.

Initial work on the Weymouth Back River, completed in 1912, consisted of a 12-foot-deep channel 200 feet wide extending from the river mouth at Weymouth Lower Neck to the wharf of a former fertilizer company, about one mile upstream. The present project, completed in 1943, consists of a 15-foot-deep channel extending from Weymouth Lower Neck, through the bar at the river mouth, to the wharf of the former fertilizer company. The one-mile-long channel is initially 250 feet wide at the mouth, then narrows to 200 feet wide. The project also includes a 400-foot-long turning basin, 350 feet wide, in the vicinity of the wharf.