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Provincetown Harbor Navigation Project

Provincetown Harbor

Provincetown Harbor in Provincetown lies in the bight of the northernmost section of Cape Cod, 40 miles southeast of Boston Harbor and 24 miles northeast of the Cape Cod Canal. The harbor is used chiefly by a large fishing fleet.

Initial construction in Provincetown Harbor during the 19th century provided for beach protection works to preserve the west end of the harbor. The most recent work completed by the Corps includes a 6,150-foot-long dike extending southerly from Stevens Point across House Point Island Flats to the sandy spit at Wood End; and a stone breakwater lying parallel to the shore about 835 feet from the end of the MacMillan (Town) Wharf. The breakwater is about 2,500 feet long with an elevation of 15.5 feet.

The dike was completed in 1914 and the breakwater in 1972.