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Nantucket Harbor Navigation Project

Nantucket Harbor

Nantucket Harbor is located along the northern shore of Nantucket Island, a prominent recreational resort. It is used regularly by small coastal tankers and ferries transporting passengers, vehicles, and general cargo between the mainland and Nantucket. The harbor also attracts many recreational craft and is used as a harbor of refuge by offshore fishing craft and other boats. A U.S. Coast Guard station is located at Brant Point.

Completed in 1930, the work in Nantucket Harbor consists of:

  • A 15-foot-deep channel, 300 feet wide, extending about 1.6 miles from Nantucket Sound through the bar at the entrance to the harbor; and
  • Two stone jetties at the harbor entrance. The east jetty, is 6,990 feet long and the west jetty is 5,755 feet long.