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Menemsha Creek Navigation Project

Menemsha Creek, located on the Gay Head/Chilmark town line, is a small tidal inlet on the western end of Martha’s Vineyard, about 11 miles southwest of Woods Hole. The waterway serves host to a U.S. Coast Guard station and is used by recreational craft, a small fishing fleet, and transient boats.

The project was completed by the Corps in 1950 and consists of:

  • A channel 10 feet deep and 80 feet wide extending from the two jetties at the entrance of Menemsha Creek for a distance of 700 feet;
  • A channel eight feet deep and 80 feet wide that starts at the end of the aforementioned 10-foot-deep channel and continues for 1.2 miles to deep water in Menemsha Pond.
  • An anchorage area, known as Menemsha Basin, located immediately inside the left (east) jetty at the entrance to Menemsha Creek. The anchorage is divided into northern and southern sections; the northern section is 10 feet deep and 250-300 feet wide, while the southern section is six feet deep and narrows as it approaches land.
  • Maintenance of the two existing nonfederal stone jetties at the entrance to Menemsha Creek. Each jetty is about 250 feet long.