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Lagoon Pond Navigation Project

Lagoon Pond in Tisbury and Oak Bluffs is a naturally deep tidal lagoon, about two miles long and over one-third mile wide, located along the northern shore of Martha’s Vineyard. Except for a small natural inlet, Lagoon Pond is separated from Vineyard Haven Harbor by a narrow sand spit, which also serves as a connecting road between Oak Bluffs and Tisbury. A moderately large recreational fleet is based in Lagoon Pond. Commercial facilities are located at nearby Vineyard Haven Harbor.

The project consists of a channel, eight feet deep and 100 feet wide, extending about 2,500 feet from deep water in Vineyard Haven Harbor into Lagoon Pond. The Corps also extended the existing nonfederal jetty at the entrance of the pond by 200 feet.

The work at Lagoon Pond was completed in November 1973 as a small project under Section 107 of the Continuing Authorities Program.