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Gloucester Harbor and Annisquam River Navigation Project

Gloucester Harbor and Annisquam River

GLOUCESTER HARBOR    Gloucester Harbor, a major fishing port and a popular recreational area, is located in Gloucester on the south side of Cape Ann, about 25 miles northeast of Boston.

Initial work in Gloucester Harbor around 1900 involved removing obstructive rocks and shoals in the inner harbor. The most recent work, completed in July 1965, consists of:

  • A breakwater at the outer harbor entrance extending about 2,250 feet west from the tip of Eastern Point over Dog Bar to Cat Ledge.
  • An entrance channel into the inner harbor 20 feet deep and 300 feet wide that separates into two access channels along the north and south sides of the Gloucester Fish Pier, which is located at the head of the inner harbor. The northern access channel is 20 feet deep and 200 to 250 feet wide. The southern access channel is 20 feet deep and 200 feet wide.
  • A 16-foot-deep anchorage 600 feet wide at the junction of the two 20-foot-deep access channels.
  • An anchorage 16 feet deep, 300-650 feet wide, and 10 acres in area extending from the southern 20-foot-deep access channel into Smith Cove, adjacent to Rocky Neck.
  • An access channel along the waterfront south of Harbor Cove and leading into Harbor Cove, which is on the northwest side of the inner harbor. The channel is 18 feet deep and 100 to 500 feet wide.
  • A five-acre, 15-foot-deep anchorage located on the north side of the entrance to Harbor Cove.
  • The removal of a rock shoal in the access channel to Harbor Cove to a depth of 24 feet.
  • The removal of six ledges in the outer harbor to depths ranging from 18 to 25 feet.

ANNISQUAM RIVER   The Annisquam River in Gloucester is an inland waterway that leads from Ipswich Bay to Gloucester Harbor. Work on the Annisquam River, completed in July 1965, consists of:

  • An eight-foot-deep channel extending about 4.5 miles from Gloucester Harbor, up the Annisquam River, to Ipswich Bay. From Gloucester Harbor to the Boston and Maine railroad bridge (this section of waterway is known as Blyman Canal), the channel is 60 feet wide. From the railroad bridge to the river mouth, it is 100 feet wide. From the river mouth across the eastern side of Ipswich Bay, the channel is 200 feet wide.
  • A 17-acre anchorage at the entrance to Lobster Cove, which is located adjacent to Ipswich Bay at the northeast end of the Annisquam River. The anchorage is eight feet deep.