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Scarborough River Navigation Project

Scarborough River

The Scarborough River in Scarborough empties into Pine Point Harbor at Saco Bay, between the Pine Point and Prouts Neck sections of the town, situated about eight miles south of Portland. Pine Point Harbor is the year-round home to a commercial fishing fleet and seasonal port to recreational vessels. Old Orchard Beach, a popular summer resort area, is a short distance south of Pine Point.

Completed in 1962, the project consists of:

  • A 2,400-foot-long channel with varying dimensions extending from deep water to an area adjacent to Jones Creek, about 0.5 miles upstream of Pine Point. From deep water to an area several hundred feet from Pine Point, the channel is eight feet deep and 200 feet wide. From this point to the area adjacent to Jones Creek, the channel is six feet deep and 100 feet wide.
  • A six-foot-deep anchorage at the end of the channel, adjacent to Jones Creek and the Pine Point public landing. The anchorage is 1,350 feet long and 300 feet wide. An 800-foot-long jetty extending seaward from Pine Point.

Disposal of the dredged material from this project provided the fill for much of the Pine Point section of Scarborough that was later developed.