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New Harbor Navigation Project

New Harbor

New Harbor in Bristol consists of two small coves in Muscongus Bay, 2.5 miles north of Pemaquid Point and 17 miles east of Bath. The harbor is used by local fishing and small recreational fleets and transient craft.

The Corps initially completed work at New Harbor in 1905, when it built two adjoining anchorages in the northern and larger of the two coves. The outer anchorage is 12 feet deep and three acres in area, and the inner anchorage is six feet deep and 3.6 acres in area.

In 1966, the Corps modified its work in New Harbor by dredging three additional anchorage areas, all six feet deep, under Section 107 of the Continuing Authorities Program. The first anchorage was built in Back Cove (the smaller cove) and is 2.2 acres in area. The second and third anchorage areas are extensions to the two existing anchorages in the main harbor. The outer anchorage was extended by 0.7 acre along its southern limit, and the inner anchorage was extended by 0.7 acre westerly toward the head of the main harbor.