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Narraguagus River Navigation Project

The Narraguagus River flows southeasterly through the towns of Cherryfield and Milbridge and empties into Narraguagus Bay, about 20 miles east of Bar Harbor and 10 miles west of Jonesport. The waterway serves blueberry and sardine canning industries in Wyman and Milbridge, the local fishing fleet, and a small recreational fleet.

Initial work on the Narraguagus River, completed in 1874, consisted of removing boulders and other navigational obstructions between Milbridge and Cherryfield. The present project, completed in 1966, consists of:

  • A 3.2 mile long channel with varying dimensions extending from deep water in Narraguagus Bay (at a point opposite Turner Point in Wyman) to the Cherryfield town wharf, near the U.S. Route 1A Bridge. From deep water to Mitchell Point in Wyman, the channel is 11 feet deep and 150 feet wide. From Mitchell Point to the lower wharf in Milbridge, the channel is nine feet deep and 100 feet wide. The channel depth then decreases to six feet to its end at the Cherryfield town wharf.
  • A six foot deep anchorage on the western side of the six-foot deep channel, immediately past the lower wharf in Milbridge.
  • A six foot deep anchorage on each side of the six foot-deep channel as it approaches the Cherryfield town wharf.
  • A six foot deep turning basin at the end of the channel, adjacent to the Cherryfield town wharf.