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Moosabec Bar Navigation Project

Moosabec Bar in Jonesport is located near the eastern end of Moosabec Reach, a narrow passage between Chandler Bay and Western Bay that separates the group of islands forming the town of Beals on the south from the mainland at Jonesport on the north. Moosabec Reach, roughly midway between Bar Harbor and Eastport, is used as a protected passage by the many fishing boats and coastal recreational traffic traveling between their home ports and the fishing grounds to the southeast. Jonesport is one of Maine’s most prominent fishing and canning centers and home to a U.S. Coast Guard station. The project, completed in 1899, consists of a channel, 14 feet deep and 300 feet wide, through Moosabec Bar; and a small stone breakwater on the charnel’s southern side, opposite Kelley Point.