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Lubec Channel Navigation Project

Lubec Channel is located in the international boundary waters between Lubec and Campobello islands, New Brunswick. It is heavily traveled by commercial and fishing traffic bound to Lubec, Eastport, and other ports on Passamaquoddy Bay and the St. Croix River. Lubec is a sardine and shellfish center, with commercial waterfronts on Lubec Neck.

The channel was constructed by the Corps in 1890. It is two miles long, 12 feet deep, and when originally constructed, 275 feet wide (300 feet at the bends). It extends from Quoddy Roads through Lubec Narrows into Friar Roads. The Corps also built a breakwater extending from the northeastern end of Lubec Neck to Gun Rock.

The Corps made three improvements to Lubec Channel in 1956. The channel was widened to 500 feet; a 385-foot-long stone breakwater was constructed at Short Point, located immediately south of the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge; and the breakwater at Gun Rock was extended by 90 feet.